Did I mention it's a really cool demo?

so how authoritative is the voice you're using to proclaim your message?

or at least realize you need a convincing voice to do the persuading.

Pete Presnal doing a voiceover

why not let the convincing voice that belongs to the handsome poluka above do the persuading? we'll even you let take this stuff out for a spin: pop some popcorn then navigate over to the production page and listen to what we've done to, er, for other people. after that, you'll happily pay our asking price.

awright, we know. this looks like yet another website from some egomaniacal yahoo trying to prove how good a voice over and audio production guy he is. but you know what? every once in a while, you run across somebody who's actually pretty darn good. happily, this is one of those times.

okay, we're willing to cop to the egomaniacal yahoo thing, but, c'mon! there's everything a great website from some egomaniacal-yahoo-trying-to-prove-how-good-a-voice-over-and-audio-production-guy-he-is should have: laughs, drama, music, sound effects, html and javascript. in fact, take a listen to one, some or all of the demos over there to the right (or below if you're reading this on a phone-size device). you'll laugh, you'll cry, it'll become part of you. five minutes, tops, if you listen to all three. we'll stare pensively into the middle distance until you're done...

...so? wha'd we tell you? much better than cats! you'll listen again and again. or at least until your order arrives in your in-box.

and you know what else is even more cooler-er? you can listen to the whole productions and more here! isn't that slicker'n bald tires on a wet road?

Who is the duck?

a few of our fans

Larry Foltran

larry loltran
absolute website design
romeo, mi

"pete is an extremely creative individual who offers fresh ideas that deliver real results. he has a strong work ethic and cares deeply about what he creates. pete is always searching for the 'off the beaten path' solution that will deliver results that far surpass the client's expectations. he has the unique ability to accurately convey the intended message through his scripts and use of audio stimuli. pete has an incredible ear and is a true audiophile in every sense of the word."

Chris Stevenson

chris stevenson
morning show host
crawford broadcasting
wmuz 103.5 the tight

"peter possesses a dangerous combination of stone-cold logic and wild creativity that generates stratospheric results for his clients. pete is a master of the english language who writes powerful copy delivered in one (or many) of his cast of voices. he eats lunch with food in one hand and the latest book on marketing trends in the other. what you may not know about pete is his technical prowess, squeezing every ounce of performance out of the latest audio technology to maximize the impact of his spots. pete is a true radio production professional...hire him before the competition does."

Herb Cody

herb cody
media/communications professional

"pete was one of the first broadcast professionals that I had an opportunity to work with in the radio industry. as a manager, he took a sincere interest in the success of our production team, making sure that every detail was covered, encouraging us to strive for a level of excellence that the station and clients deserved. the 'sound shaping' lessons pete shared, i still use to this day. pete created a positive work environment, making it fun to come to work everyday. he is an incredible mentor and a truly great guy. he really is 'production man.'"

Demetrius Anderson

demetrius anderson
marketing pro and public relations practitioner

"as a successful out-of-the-box marketing and advertising strategist, peter has a proven track record for 'cracking the code' that produces countless successful marketing campaigns for clients in any business climate. he is a true visionary who sees the bigger picture, and knows what it takes to deliver results. his work ethic is extraordinary. his success record is incomparable, and he can prove it! there really is no better writer/producer than pete. if you're looking for the best...here's your man. i am convinced that he is the man to bet your money on, and i highly recommend him."