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What Are You Going to Do For a Spot

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of course, the place to start is by reading this informative booklet.

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it's written for small business owners who don't have three floors of their world headquarters devoted to marketing, nor are they clients of one of the major ad agencies. it's of great help to those businesses who want to effectively communicate their marketing ideas, speak the language of media, and help their copywriters and producers to create great ads.

you don't have to be an expert, although this guide will show you how it's done. by explaining the best way to plan campaigns, choose stations, write and produce the commercials, you then can talk intelligently in radio people's language about how to best design your radio advertising. the guide helps you to know the kinds of questions to ask, the kind in information you should be giving to your media reps and the people who will produce your ads, so that all the parts work.

the guide's emphasis is on the most important, and most overlooked, part of the campaign: what you say, and how you say it. it shows you how to arrive at powerful and compelling selling ideas, and irresistible ways of presenting them on the air. you'll realize that it no longer makes sense to simply give your radio rep your newspaper or yellow yages ad.

it's free, and you're more than welcome to pass it around.