The Work

Pete Presnal at work

Select a category. Or four

storytelling. it's what lies at the heart of all great communication and transfer of ideas from one human to another. until somebody figured out how to record the stories in a fixed form (cave paintings? papyrus?), it was the only way we humans had to pass on knowledge, history, tradition and culture. what we hope you'll find in all of our work is that the art of storytelling is alive and well. that's why we like to refer to this stuff as sixty-second movies. so pop some popcorn, grab a box of raisonettes, click the stuff you want to listen to, close your eyes and imagine you're watching your favorite movie. at the end of the show, order something!


in this category, you'll hear a number of complete or partial campaigns. in some, you'll be able to hear the overall story arc we're attempting. in others, you hear both consistent elements between each sample spot, yet each one is able to stand on its own.

lake lazer eye center, "the mob"
goodwin and scieszka, "joe's story"
all trade building company
j&l collision, "talking cars"
cueter chrysler jeep, "great moments"
The Elite Smile Center
goodwin and scieszka, base campaign
goodwin and scieszka, law day promotion
Straight spots

these are samples of commercials that are dramatic and compelling. they take a serious approach to selling, from straight ahead direct response to highly produced "sixty second movies."

"dear god"
"never write a check for the bill"
"mom and dad"
"quite a story to tell"
"slumdog millionaire promo"
"senior program"
promise village home for children, "tommy"
Funny spots

here we've collected some of our favorite humorous, funny and whimsical commercials. if we had a greatest hits album, these would be on it. come to think of it, we suppose this is a greatest hits of sorts.

"why are you wearing that polar bear costume?"
"star system zircon"
"case number 263"
"what's dad doing?"
"a thousand dollars"
Musical Images

arguably, one of the most potent forms of electronic advertising is the musical image, a.k.a., the jingle. we love doing jingles (even if we're not that fond of the word). here's a smattering of them. some are the full sing versions, others have a "donut" with some announcer copy in the middle. a-one, and-a-two-a...

"enterprise program"
"300,000 mile club theme song"
"what kind of people?"
"grady o'neill"
"together to the end"
"easy to get to, easy to live in"
"the no-worry dealer"
"fun, fun, fun"

our process is pretty simple, really


First we ask

we're gonna ask you questions. lots of questions (that's the socratic part). maybe about stuff you hadn't though about. but if we're gonna do a good commercial or campaign, we gotta know.


Then we think

...whilst we cogitate. ruminate. speculate. deliberate. cerebrate (found that one in a thesaurus). do some cipherin'. then think about it some more until we have the answer.


After that, production

step three. make the ad. write the jingle. craft the campaign. whatever. the idea is to deliver something so wildly compelling, people have to notice.


after which we send you

...the bill. Now, assumimg you don't throw it at us (the duck part), you'll realize what a bargain you get with what we deliver, and you'll be overcome with joy.

all part of our master plan. bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha...

so in conclusion ...

hop over to the contact page, where you can place an order for a new spot. or spots. or lots of spots. scads of ads. er, in the meantime, you can download our primer called, "great, now that you've bought the time, what are you gonna do for a spot?" we really recommend reading it before placing your order. it'll help you help us help you.