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give us a sense for what you're looking for: voice over, full blown production, etc. if you're looking for radio commercials in particular, then tell us as best you can what the "sell" is. and we trust it's more compelling than "family owned and operated since 1948." the ford motor company has been family owned and operated since 1903. that ain't why you buy a mustang. you might want to read "great. now that you've bought the time, what are you gonna do for a spot?" first.

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when we get your order, we'll e-mail you to give you an estimate on how long it will take to complete your project. for now, as a planning guide and to give yourself plenty of wiggle room, assume 3 business days to turn around a sixty-second radio commercial using your copy, 5 business days if we're doing the writing, particularly if there's research or lots revisions involved. sometimes, especially simple things like straight voice tracks for commercials, we've been known to turn things around in a day, occasionally within the hour, assuming you catch us when we're not especially busy and we're in a good mood. or we're bored. we'll know at the time we get your order what kind of time frame we're working on.

our normal m.o. is to deliver a low resolution (usually with a beep every ten seconds or so) "proof" audio file for your approval. when we get your approval, then we'll e-mail the real deal in a high resolution format (we default to .mp3 format with no more than about a 5.5:1 data compression ratio, to keep the file sizes down, but if you'd rather, we can send uncompressed files like .wav or .aif. a 60-second track, like a radio ad, in mp3 format runs about 1mb in mono to 2mb in stereo typically. 60-seconds of stereo audio in .WAV format runs +/-10mb. for larger files that won't fit in your inbox, we'll post them to a handy FTP site (yours, ours, dropbox®, etc.) for download.

So in conclusion ...

make sure, too, that you understand the rates. we ask for full payment upon delivery of completed work. If you have questions, e-mail us, or call 248-444-0787.